Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

"A holistic healing art, that invites presence and awareness, rather than prescribing treatments." Michael Lee, Founder. A Phoenix Rising session is a blend of mindfulness/awareness meditation, and assisted yoga movements, along with simple dialogue to support a deeper experience. Benefits include deep physical relaxation, breath and body awareness, and a safe, gentle experience with yoga. No previous experience with yoga is needed. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)

Private Yoga Instruction/Therapy

There is a wonderful freedom in working with one person. The yoga session can be created around your body, and what's happening on that day. What would you like to receive from yoga? This is your chance to have yoga that fits you, and an opportunity to learn a customized home practice that will serve your specific goals. International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

Group Yoga Classes

My classes are a blend of challenge and ease. They are small, which allows for adjustments, and suggestions. I teach classic hatha yoga postures, with a focus on alignment derived from the Iyengar method, and a focus on mindfulness and awareness that comes from my Phoenix Rising work. Yoga Alliance

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